Personal Care

Once the preserve of exclusive and expensive
clinics, enhanced personal care technology is now
available to all in the comfort of their own home. At
Magicbox we have developed a suite of products
that incorporate cutting edge technologies, many of
which are patented, including light therapy models,
IPL hair removal units, breast massagers, and
facial brushes. These are enhanced by an Apple
and Android compatible app, the ‘Skin Diary’ which
tracks progress of blemish removals, wrinkle
reduction and follicle thinning, as you use the
products. We work in tandem with the laboratory
behind Methode Brigitte Kettner who have
developed a range of lotions and creams that,
when used with our skin care products,
maximise their efficacy.

renovo-logomodels-logoWe have developed two brands that we utilise on our product range – MODELS INC,
which we use on our price leading, mass market product ranges, and RENOVO which
is used on our more premium proposition.