The ARGENT RANGE: Micfro | Stereo DAB | Bluetooth Speaker

With a brushed aluminum casing enrobing
each of the models in the ARGENT range,
this family exudes quality.

Argent Micro
CDs may be yesterdays news for many
people, but most of us aren’t ready to chuck
away our back catalogue just yet. The Argent
Micro offers a slick top loading mechanism
for discs, and throws in DAB radio as
standard with options for Bluetooth and USB
charging to complete the picture.

Argent DAB: Stereo DAB/DAB+/FM Radio
The Argent DAB is a bigger than average
kitchen radio with a bigger than average
sound output, delivering punchy bass and
mellow treble tones from it’s stereo 5 watt

dab-radioiphonebluetoothlogo n

Argent Bluetooth Speaker with Dock
There are times when you want to dock, and
times when you want to stream. The Argent
Bluetooth speaker with lightning dock offers
you the best of both worlds.

  • Dock play and charge your
  • Lightning connector
  • 30W RMS stereo sound
  • Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Near field control (NFC)
  • Aux in
  • Remote control
  • Mains power

Argent DAB: Stereo DAB/DAB+/FM Radio

  • DAB/DAB+/FM radio
  • Auto scan / 20 radio presets
  • 10W RMS Stereo sound
  • Dot matrix display with mirror finish
  • Clock / Dual alarm / Snooze / Sleep timer
  • Headphone socket
  • Mains / Battery power option

Argent Mirco as Argent DAB Plus:

  • Slot CD / Random and repeat modes
  • 15W RMS Stereo sound
  • USB charging / Aux in
  • Remote control
  • Mains power only