The BORG: Bluetooth Dock for iPod / iPhone

Experience total audio immersion with this
state of the art cubic marvel. Developed in
collaboration with SONIC EMOTION, pioneers
in 3D audio technology solutions, the BORG
takes the iPod docker to a new dimension –
quite literally. Compatible with all major forms
of iPod and iPhone, the Borg will transform
your listening experience delivering a 3D
audio experience, regardless of device
positioning and location.


Given the stark simplicity of the Borg's
design, the quality and finish of the
materials are a key facet of the product's
immense visual appeal. Highly polished
piano black surfaces blend seamlessly
with fine denier speaker cloth and a
brushed aluminum central band to create
a restrained, sophisticated premium
looking system.

Now available with Bluetooth

  • State of the art audio clarity
  • 6.1 speaker configuration
  • Sonic emotion 3D chip technology
  • Dock for iPod and iPhone
  • Stream your music wirelessly with
    Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bass and treble control
  • Volume control
  • Remote control
  • Aux in
  • Mains power