The CARBON MULTI: DAB/DAB+/FM Stereo Radio with Dock and Bluetooth

An updated a version of an old favourite that
coined the phrase ‘none more black’ the
Carbon radio now comes in two sizes – the
original and newly miniaturised option for
those who like their things a little smaller.
The original Carbon has also had a
makeover with lightning connectivity and
Bluetooth now on board.

With both models featuring a jumbo display
with blue on black backlit negative characters
for extra clarity, and stereo side firing
speakers, these high gloss miracles are as
much about great function as they are
beautiful form. The new Glacier White
colourway provides a celestial alternative to
the classic Sable black.


  • DAB/DAB+/FM Radio (Frontier)
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Near Field Control (NFC) touch point
  • Dot matrix display
  • Autoscan
  • Radio text
  • 20 radio station presets
  • Clock
  • Dual alarm
  • Wake to radio or buzzer
  • Sleep and snooze function
  • Multi language display
  • Aux in
  • Mains power

Carbon Multi - as Carbon Mini plus:

  • Dock, play and charge your iPod/iPhone