The DOMUS: Multi Zone

The DOMUS Maximus is designed for
heart of the household – where you want
room filling sound that’s ideal for party mode.
The DOMUS Minimus are more demure in
size but still pack a punch and are ideal for
all your satellite locations – the kitchen,
bedrooms, study, and if you want to go
roaming, in the garden.

Stream music wirelessly throughout the
house with the new DOMUS multi room
system. Driven by an app on your tablet
or smartphone you can remote control
which zones to send your tunes to at the flick
of a finger. Internet radio, Bluetooth, and
access to millions of songs via the on
demand subscription music library all come
as part of the package.


  • Stereo
  • 20/60W
  • Bluetooth
  • Mains power
  • Wi-fi
  • Remote controlled
  • Aux in
  • Bass / Treble
  • NFC