The MBX Range: MBX1 | MBX2 | MBX3

MBX1 | Stereo Bluetooth
Designed more for recreational use or for
portable use, the mbx1 is the baby of the
street sounds family. Despite it’s diminutive
stature it manages to pump out a very
healthy noise from it’s stereo speakers,
which lurk menacingly behind the signature
‘soundguard’ bar that graces the front of all
the products in the family.

MBX2 | Mono Bluetooth
With it’s distinctive octagonal shape, the
mbx2 is for those who like a bit of attitude
with their audio. With a decidedly urban vibe,
the mbx series products delivers bold,
punchy, in your face sound. Available in both
standard docker and Bluetooth formats.


MBX3 | Stereo Bluetooth
The grand-daddy of the family, the mbx3 is
a rhino of a speaker. This behemoth
dwarfs it's rivals with its monstrous
presence, and ear-molesting volume. The
thunderous 20 watt central speaker is
flanked by two tweeters that combine and
complement to produce a heartily
satisfying aural banquet.

MBX3 as MBX1 Plus:

  • 20 Watts RMS with 2 tweeters


  • Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
  • Wireless connection up to 10 metres
  • 5 Watts RMS
  • USB Port for phone charging
    (AC operation only)
  • 3.5mm Aux-in jack
  • Mains power
  • Battery operation
  • Compact portable design - take your
    music anywhere and everywhere

MBX2 as MBX1 Plus:

  • 10 Watts RMS
  • Large speaker for rich sound