The SOUND SILO: Ballistic Bluetooth Speaker

Updated for the wireless generation,the
Sound Silo, as the name suggests, is all
about ballistic audio. Turn this on and
be prepared to be deluged by a sonic
tsunami, an awe-inspiring wall of rich,
rounded sound, with a resonant bottom, and
a crisp finish. The Sonic Silo is all about
freedom – freedom to stream your tunes
wirelessly from your smartphone via
Bluetooth, and freedom to roam for hours on
end using the integrated rechargeable battery
pack. Enjoy your music in the garden, or out
on the streets, the Sonic Silo’s handy carry
handle and travel bag means you can link
and go – because you’re worth it.

‘The original iPhone/iPod docker version
also still available’


  • Stream music wirelessly with
    Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ballistic Big sound, developed for
    the outdoors
  • Hours of music
  • Integral rechargeable battery
  • Mains power charging
  • Aux in
  • Hardwearing finish and colour options
  • Carry handle and travel bag
  • iPod/iPhone dock version available