Design and innovation

We create our own product designs using
the best of British design talent and
partner with some of the world’s leading
technology companies to deliver high
quality products that are both aspirational
and affordable.

Our many years of experience in bringing
thousands of products to market gives us
an unrivalled ability to understand how
great design can be achieved with no
compromise to exacting budgets using
Far East manufacture.

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Brand stuff

In many cases our work involves
creating products that are marketed
under other people's brands, many
of which are highly prestigious and
highly valued. Our mission is to
understand the needs and
expectations of brand owners as
well as we do our own, and to
create products that go beyond just
being desirable in their own right,
but add value to the brand's integrity
and equity.

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In addition to our core design and
development activity, we are also able to
provide a wide array of sourcing services
via our offices in Hong Kong and
Shenzhen. From factory QC and ethical
audits, through to in line and finished
goods inspections, and ultimately on to
export and shipping, our Logistics, Supply
Chain and Quality teams can smooth the
process of getting finished product out of
the factory to it’s ultimate destination. Our
engineering teams in both the U.K and
Hong Kong oversee rigorous testing
procedures to ensure that what we deliver
matches and often exceeds customer

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*Based on sales data – an estimate but probably a very conservative one!